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Marketing Campaign

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Marketing Campaigns

If you speak to your audience with a flat and standardized communication you will receive poor and flat anwers too. A wrong communication or a wrong target communication will have a boomerang effect which may negatively affect the corporate image.

MagicCrm software provide an highly sophisticated Campaigns Management environment fully integrated with the whole sales process, giving remarkable advantages compared to “on demand” DEM available on the web. The most advantages are:

  • Sales process integration
  • Capturing and promoting actions detected from sales activities analysis
  • Managing an accurate redemption of performed activities in terms of costs/revenues
  • Managing and executing "combo" marketing activities (campaigns composed of multiple marketing activities, like DEM, events, telemarketing, ect.)

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Campaign Configuration

  • Dynamic query for target segmentation
  • Message templates libraries configuration
  • Tools to further refining targets

Operational-Supporting Tools

  • DEM configuration tools
  • Telemarketing configuration tools
  • SMS configuration tools
  • Event configuration tools
  • Bounce corrections
  • Address label printing
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Measurements and Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Redemption analysis
  • Comparative and trend analysis
  • Drill-down analysis
  • Bounces analysis

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