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Maximise your Customer Value

The Customer Value.

A most precious asset to own and leverage. Knowledge like a means to create value.

Knowing your customers means understanding them, hence satisfying them. This is the key to Customer loyalty.

And the key for making your mission and your vision come true.

Our CRM software are the magic casket to find all the answer you need to forge everlasting loyal and satisfied customer.

All your customers will be informed, listened and helped.




trade show management
Trade Show Management
Each step of trade show fully managed.
exhibitors history
Exhibitors History
A complete identikit of every exhibitor and his history.
sales management
Sales Management
This module allows you to manage and monitor every single sales opportunity.
budget and forecast management
Budget & Forecast Management
Real time budget and forcast monitoring.
marketing campaign
Marketing Campaign
Perform direct email activities evaluating redemption.
efloor plan management
Floor Plan Management
Easily edit your floor plan using powerful tool and CAD features.
catalog management
Catalog Management
Easily collect data for each exhibitor and publish them on the official website.

catalog data management
Catalog Data Management
Allows the exhibitor to organize and upload all his catalog info.
participations request
Participations Request
Allows the exhibitor to manage online his participation.
services purchasing
Services Purchasing
Allows the exhibitors to purchase and pay every service he needs.
invitation management
Invitation Management
Allows the exhibitor to send invitations to his customers.
exhibitors’ cards management
Exhibitors’ Cards Management
Allows exhibitor to create and download his pass.
back-office tools
Back-office Tools
Manage all your documents and the web portal contents.

user registration
User Registration
Manage registration's method and forms.
visitor profile management
Visitor Profile Management
Manage visitors' profiling and saves data straight to CRM.
ticket office management
Ticket Office Management
Allows your visitors to purchase and download tickets.
events agenda management
Events Agenda Management
Allows visitors to manage their wish-list abd booked events.
back-office tools
Back-office Tools
Manage all your documents and the web portal contents.

user registration
User Registration
Online module for buyer/seller registration.
match-making management
Match-Making Management
Online module for a complete schedules’ management.
Module to configure every matching’s characteristic.
back-office tools
Back-office Tools
Manage all your documents and the web portal contents.

shopping management
Shopping Management
Module for shopping, chart and payments management.
price lists management
Price Lists Management
Module for products' and lists' configuration.
post-selling management
Post-Selling Management
This module allows you to manage transactions’ results.

invoicing management
Invoicing Management
Module for invoice's generation, payments timetable's management and invoices forms' configuration.
sales commission management
Sales Commissions Management
Module to manage commissions to correspond to your agents.
credit management
Credit Management
This module allows you to manage unpaid debts' reminders.


dynamic query
Dynamic Query
Ask your database what you need and export results in Excel.
reports and advanced analysis
Reports and Advanced Analysis
Analyze your performance with advanced charts and reports.

add-on mobile
Add-on Mobile
Use CRM information on mobile devices (smart phone, tablet, etc).
add-on utility
Add-on Utility
This add-on facilitate the CRM info management.
add-on enterprise
Add-on Enterprise
Manage Enterprise' functionalities.

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